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Coastal Lighthouses

National Parks

Parks and Landmarks

We love our national parks. We try to hit as many as possible. Not only that, but we venture to all kinds of open spaces and enjoyable wilds. We live in a society that is always connected, and these spaces help us disconnect. They really do keep us... natural. On top of national parks we also enjoy unique experiences and historical locations. Imagination shows us what is possible,  and some of the places we go not only push our boundaries but can awe us. Listed here are a couple parks and locations we have visited as we continue our journeys. Please note that as we continue our adventures some of these may change or even close. All things change over time, and even though we strive to provide the must up to date information the best part of living is getting lost and finding your way. Please don't hesitate to share your feed back and send some recommendations on the recommendations page here:     

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