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Fishing and Swimming

Sometimes the best part about adventuring is stopping to get your bearings. We prefer to do this with a hook in the water, the sound of nature, and family and friends doing the same. It is hard to always find the perfect place, to find a piece of solitude in the tumultous hours of the day, and the days of the week, but this may be a starting point. There are many water holes in and around the Bay Area, so understand that we often escape and head out. Some of these may be too long, some of them may not be long enough, but please enjoy the time there. Please note that as we continue our adventures some of these may change or even close. All things change over time, and even though we strive to provide the must up to date information the best part of living is getting lost and finding your way. Please don't hesitate to share your feedback and send some recommendations on the recommendations page here:

Trips for a Weekend

These trips are approximately 99 miles and under and could be completed in a day with good planning.

Trips for a little longer

.These trips are approximately 100 - 300 miles and under and could be completed in a weekend with a recommended night stay.

Nevada Railroad Museum

Trips for a nice long while

These trips are over 300 miles, and require a place to stay and some time to plan.

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