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California State Railroad Museum



111 I St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Approximate drive time from Bay Area:

1 hour 40 minutes

Approximate distance:

95 miles

Fee for Entrance:

Yes - Train excursions are also a seperate fee

If you have ever been to Old Sacramento then you have definitely seen this building. It is the building that you see right as you exit the parking garage, sitting massively above the smaller old town buildings with its sharp edges. The California State Railroad Museum is huge, and honestly when we had first ventured into it we did not expect to spend so much time inside the building. The exhibits seem endless, the stories are never ending, and honestly there is so much information you may need two trips. Not only that but the cabooses, cars and trains that are stored inside the museum are immaculate and you will notice details in them that will cause you to look deeper and deeper into the craftsmanship. I recommend purchasing the tickets for the excursions early and before you begin looking at the exhibits as the train rides do sell out fast. After the museum and the excursion I encourage you to visit Old Sacramento. This area is so full of history that our family had decided to stay in Sacramento so we could enjoy it all.


Please see a link to the California State Railroad Museum above by clicking their logo.

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