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Western Railway Museum



5848 CA-12, Suisun City, CA 94585

Approximate drive time from Bay Area:

1 hour

Approximate distance:

60 miles

Fee for Entrance:

Yes - Purchase of rides give you free admission to the museum

Ely, Nevada is out there. Way out there. I placed it on our list for a darn good reason – if you want to feel a real historic railway then you must visit the Northern Nevada Railway. We made it a point to complete this trip, and we did it in three days. I would do it again and again, and will do it again since we have a need to return to Ely. Ely has some amazing trains and exhibits, and the town is RICH in history. If you doubt me look them up on TripAdvisor and many other tourist sites. They have an amazing rating. Read about the Ghost Train, visit Dirt the Cat (he does exist!), and watch technicians as they complete their work despite the ogglers and ooers that hover around them. These men and women are bringing history back to life! If heading to Ely make the most of it – check out the Great Basin National Park nearby. You will never see the night sky the same again.


Please see a link to the Nevada Northern Railway above by clicking the Nevada Northern Railway National Historic Landmark logo.

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