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Railtown 1897



10501 Reservoir Rd, Jamestown, CA 95327

Approximate drive time from Bay Area:

2 hours 30 minutes

Approximate distance:

150 miles

Fee for Entrance:


Tucked away next to Jamestown, California, you can find Railtown 1897, a California State Park and Railroad Museum. While the exhibits and walking tour are amazing and informational, if you purchase the excursion tickets you get to peruse the museum and take their 45-minute roundtrip train ride behind neighbouring houses, into the mountains, and back. You will also get to see Sierra No. 3. No 3 is the famous locomotive used in many movies and tv shows, including Back to The Future III. Their engineers will be more than happy to explain all the different hats, or stacks, that No 3 uses to change face for each screen.


Please see a link to this amazing museum by clicking the Railtown 1897 State Historic Park button above.

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