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Railroad Park Resort



100 Railroad Park Rd, Dunsmuir, CA 96025

Approximate drive time from Bay Area:

4 hours

Approximate distance:

265 miles

Fee for Entrance:

All park amenities are only available to the Railroad Park Resort lodge guests.

Prices vary per caboose and dates of booking

About 4 hours north of San Francisco, tucked away in the shadow of Castle Crag and with amazing views of Mt Shasta is the Railroad Park Resort and Dining Car Restaurant. Though there are no train rides here at the Railroad Park Resort, it does give guests the very rare opportunity to stay and sleep inside a caboose without losing any of your modern amenities. You will get a bathroom with a nice hot shower, wi-fi to keep your devices connected, and some even have small patios attached to give yourself even more space. No two cabooses are the same, and with 20+ in varying sizes it’s a perfect getaway for romantic couples and family fun. Amenities on the property include a hot tub, pool, multiple picnic tables to enjoy the beautiful views, and of course there is a dining car situated at the entrance with truly enrapturing food. Keep in mind that this resort can book really quickly, so if you are planning on going I recommend booking both the cabooses and the dining car well in advance.

Please see a link to their page by clicking the Railroad Park Resort logo above.

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