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Niles Canyon Railway



37029 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA 94536

Approximate drive time from Bay Area:

38 minutes

Approximate distance:


Fee for Entrance:

Tickets are required to ride the train, but the depot is open to travelers.

Located on the border of Union City and the corner of Fremont you can find the small town of Niles, and in it the Niles Canyon Railway. Here you get to ride the train from their railway station in Fremont to their station in Sunol. The ride hugs the Niles Canyon road and takes you through the canyon, over bridges, and into the small town of Sunol where you have a short layover before the return trip, and nothing quite beats bringing some food and visiting the nearby park as you wait for the train to turn around and pull out. Niles Canyon Railway has a number of trains that run this ride, and tickets sell out fast and are never a guarantee, so I would recommend visiting their site before you pull out.


Please see a link to their page by clicking the Niles Canyon Railway button above.

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